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工作是活的死亡。“职业创造者是杀人犯。美国是Satan的代理人,传播反基督福音work ethic.“It must be annihilated.这就是我所相信的。.

Trump,while fun when irritating people,只是另一个撒旦的推动者,jobs,jobs.Entrepreneurs and hustlers are not human beings.他们是魔鬼。Their purpose is to propagate evil..

美国把这些畸形的生物视为神。史蒂夫·乔布斯是一个食尸鬼是人类苦难的大恶魔。比尔·盖茨和他的女巫妻子梅琳达拯救了非洲儿童,只有一天把他们送进精神疼痛提取器(学校)来吞噬强大的痛苦浪潮。Elon Musk,a retarded boy seduced by a Zulu witch and given unholy powers.华伦巴菲特宴请鞭挞胎儿恐惧,wallows in Wall Street worship from his Luciferian temple of false modesty built to defile an Omaha burial ground.弓箭手Maruk Z'huqq-h'r-Bhurrgh,一个地狱般的超级有机体,精神上与永远饥饿的哈比姐妹联姻,创新了广告苦恼的终极恶魔进食槽。一张吃脸的书.

所有企业家和商人,以及高级管理人员和专业人员,are not people.更确切地说,他们是渴望人类痛苦的地狱仆人。吐吧,妈妈鸟的风格,in paroxysms of quasi-sexual greed ecstasy,回到他们心爱的主人的食道里,Satan.There are no exceptions.这只是我的看法。.

15回应This Is What I Believe"“

  1. smol October 10,下午2018点59分 γ

    这就是为什么我没有孩子的原因。These are the people who are taking space seriously.Your unborn generations will reach the stars only to find Amazon warehouse jobs waiting there for them.一种新的服务,在那里,TSUHUMAN奴隶从小行星工厂向你的门扔你的包裹。.

    • 匿名的 October 10,2018在晚上8点32分 γ

      Then die

      • 烟雾 October 11,下午2018点02分 γ


    • 迪基锥 October 12,2018点在凌晨5点16分 γ

      I used to feel this way too.然后我决定这主要是因为怯懦,遇见一个好女孩,还有几个可爱的孩子。This world truly is Satan's kingdom and I still worry about the things you mention every day.Nevertheless,I choose to fight,and it seems to be working out so far..

      YMMV,of course..

      • 烟雾 October 12,2018点在上午11点37分 γ

        我考虑过在这里说一串东西,but most of them were only part of the truth.My family crest would be a tumor and a pair of handcuffs.There's something deep in my mammalian womb that says"不。“Probably the same voice that speaks in DT's balls and says"yes.““

        Someday I hope I'll get my shit together enough to volunteer as a CASA.那样的话,也许我的神经症可能会有帮助——而不是让他们在几十年的治疗和药物滥用中被诅咒。.

  2. J乙 October 11,2018 at 10:04 am γ


  3. 阿波里亚+ October 11,2018 at 11:41 am γ

    对美元的奴隶一种硬币,fixed and negotiable.Emancipation just legitimizes our slavery.The paradox of modern capitalism..

  4. Dome Beers October 11,2018 at 6:15 pm γ

    (((We))) are lizard people,not demons,该死的

  5. Satan的大公鸡 October 12,2018在凌晨1时48分 γ

    Moral of the story?Don't be poor,孩子们。否则你可能会破产作家“in LA..

  6. 阿波利亚+ October 12,2018点6点05分 γ

    保持希望…the waiting is the hardest part

  7. ultimate747 October 12,2018 at 4:45 pm γ

    Reblogged this on终极!Interesting评论说:
    I believe it..

  8. 布莱克达米特 October 14,2018点:早上6点27分 γ

    If anyone doubts his/her purpose in life,,

  9. Nikolai Vladivostok October 14,2018 at 7:48 pm γ

    There is a sure-fire cure to fear of capitalism: live in a communist country for a while.Worked on me..
    All those things you said may be true in spirit,但在市场力量的引导下,there is stuff in the shops.I am presently out of country and have been buying cling wrap,巧克力,厕纸,spices and anti-dandruff shampoo.我几乎勃起了。.

  10. GooGooby 10月19日,2018 at 4:24 pm γ

    I'm looking for a job,所以我也有同样的感受。对于那些嫉妒地守护着他们宝贵工作的魔鬼蜂群来说,独特的成就永远不够好。lord them over the uncheerful.忍耐接受奴役已经不复存在了。牛仔们出去了,soyboys are in.I have to beg for permission to use my skills to make a living.Proudly cheerfully beg,just like pursuing pussy.女性是机器的一部分。I know most of them have it rough but that's no my problem.深有缺陷的世界。.

    一旦我做好了下一份工作,I'll feel some satisfaction,feel like work is the natural way of life–which it is,因为这不是伊甸,这是群众的地狱,少数人的天堂,一分为二。但一年后,我会再次痛恨这场磨难,我的地位低于我的地位,and the female robots of modest genetics that passive aggressively show their disgust..

    Relief lately is periods of genuinely not caring.似乎让我筋疲力尽。并否定现代女性。Whores are good too if you don't fear the odd std..

  11. Nah October 24,2018点在凌晨3点26分 γ

    I want to have a baby,deep down.But I am afraid that baby will turn out just like you.Or me.Or just a sad meth head.The overbearing feeling of dread – heaviness of inevitable death,拒绝其他人,the feeling of moist loam digging in the dirt for no reason when you're small and realizing you don't know why the dirt is here,为什么你的手指这么潮湿,但发痒干燥,why it all feels so familiar but like a joke too,就像有人会在角落里说,嘘,所有的屈尊和卑鄙。Make you feel worthless.I don't want to do that to a new person,但我也不想在现有的人身上解决这个问题。And then I think people in general just need to go away.But they smell so nice,新铸造的,and maybe it will love me and maybe it will love everything and everyone better than I can.比以前所爱的更好。That's the terrible grift and there's no answer for it,或者至少不是一个令人满意的答案。这不是你能接受的答案。.



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