二十八 六月


There's no reason to spend a millisecond with another person who isn't fucking me.但我知道。I'll see my parents.然后去参加这个愚蠢的AA会议。My father's dead yet I still go to at least 50 parental birthday dinners a year.Because it's Mother's Day Father's Day This Day That Day– some fucking wedding,Jesus Christ.There's no Fuck Me Day,没有墨西哥少年的阴霾日,Xbox Day.所有的人都和老人聊天,直到你低头看着自己的手老了。.

中年。斜面压现在很可怜。蹲蹲九年后,如果我走过去。在每一个腿部的一天,给一个200岁的蟾蜍脸的泰国女人付钱,让我的臀部痛苦地操作。我上了很多该死的该死的鱼。The suggested matches were likeSilent Hillconcept art.Curated age appropriate women so fat old and gruesome that there have never been paintings of people like this.Old depictions of Baba Yaga,more pleasing.Cautionary medieval woodcuts about gluttony.Ugliness so horrendous no man born before Plenty of Fish could conceive it.Bosch thought to put a crayfish head on a stout farm wife in hell but couldn't come up with dickshrinkers like these.不言而喻,他们有孩子。That I could message them,and never hear back..

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  1. 迪基锥 June 28,2018 at 10:20 am γ

    I'm a few years older than you and I was having major joint problems with lifting up until about a year ago.Pull-ups particularly were becoming almost impossible because of elbow pain,我的右肩和膝盖也很差。我认为什么是固定的:

    1) I spent three or four months lifting ridiculously light and slow…as in at least six full seconds to finish each rep,有时上半身举十。我发现腿练习是不可能的。所以在腿部的一天,我只需要在每个推杆上做平滑的运动,在底部做两秒钟的保持动作。Massive burn,锻炼结束后,我感觉自己像是在游泳而不是举重。Did just around 25 minutes or so of this five or six times a week on a chest,arms,腿,肩膀,back,休息旋转。Did some yoga along with that.Seems to have built up my core and the muscles around my joints to the point that I can go heavy and do longer workouts now without much chance of injury as long as I keep my form good..

    2) Intermittent fasting.我做16/8种。除了燃烧脂肪外,it's supposed to have all these other healing qualities that I can't remember specifically..


    Sorry about the sorry state of US womanhood.谢谢你提醒我庆幸我不是单身。.

  2. “坏的比利普拉特@杀人派对 June 28,2018 at 2:46 pm γ

    因为我不能完全理解的原因,大量鱼的用户基础比OkCuPID要笨得多。Not that OKCupid users are smart,but they seem to think they are.There is a certain comfort with POF women and their stupidity.这不是愚蠢的愚蠢行为,你知道的,像“anon,the world is too hard,will you explain it for me?“The kind of stupidity that you were promised as a child and one more thing on the list that the world failed you on.他们是一种白天的电视愚蠢行为,他们抱怨男人不喜欢“酷,曲线鸡“正如他们讽刺的是,乍得和他们结婚,而对待你就像一个测试傻瓜甚至困扰。我最喜欢的是我现在听到的几行新词,“I'm **NOT** the kind of girl to send nudes to someone I just started talking to,so we'll have to get to know each other a bit before any of that!!!““

    I am in hell,帮助我。.

    • JP.S.. June 28,2018 at 11:07 pm γ


    • 匿名的 7月20日,2018 at 9:42 pm γ

      问题,沃勒克is that you're just unfuckable no matter which way you slice it..

  3. Dome Beers June 28,2018 at 2:49 pm γ

    I go on plenty of fish and get a date and almost immediately after they block me.奇怪的事。我求助于30岁的孩子。上帝why can't the Norks nuke us..

    • 匿名的 7月20日,2018点:晚上9点50分 γ

      因为你也是不可约会的,可能是难以忍受的。whiny man child..

  4. Nah 7月5日,2018 at 9:53 pm γ

    This is boring.连载小说在哪里?I would pay for it..

    • 情势 July 7,2018 at 11:14 am γ


      Second: yeah I don't like blogging anymore.感觉好像什么都没有。但是这本书很难写。You need time and mental clarity.你需要受到启发。There is no mailing it in.Or at least,to force it,you have to be in a place where you can sit down and force it.我有一个该死的工作和吵闹的邻居。And the next chapter is fucking hard,man.We're at the Winds of Winter section now.几乎结束了。7章。下一个是他们中最大的婊子。I don't know how to do it.It will take time..

      And while I'm doing that,如果我不把狗屎放在这个网站上,没有人会读这本书。我已经达到了顶峰的三分之一倍。Web sites are all in the toilet,贪婪的爬虫破坏了互联网,there is no long tail,没有解决办法。Etc..


      • 万博ag真人揭秘 July 19,下午4点36分2018点 γ


      • 情势 July 19,2018点:下午7点09分 γ


      • 博恩斯塔科斯 7月20日,下午2018点40分 γ


      • Nah 7月23日,下午2018点35分 γ


  5. 大卫史密斯 7月8日,2018在晚上9点31分 γ

    “寂静岭概念艺术大声笑。Brilliant.Just a throw away line and you make it look so damn easy.If anyone ever suggested you had anything short of brilliant voice I'd want to smack their face..

  6. 匿名的 7月20日,2018 at 9:39 pm γ


  7. 匿名的 7月24日,下午6点02分2018点 γ

    你死了吗?Please don't be dead and don't listen to the sad sacks of shit who complain about your content..



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