二十二 Mar

mojave flowers

They made him stand on a box.They made the other people stand in a hole.He had to look tall in pictures.Before he said anything he had to practice it with lawyers.我不想当总统,我只是想让人们见鬼去。like我有一次。Sheryl.雪儿的思想,Sheryl's hustling and planning and the phone ringing with her Facebook®信息员®视频通话一天九次,一些新的想法让他脱掉工作,这样她就可以接受了。.重塑你的形象..

依靠这个,you bitch: they hate me.They fucking hate me.CNBC是一场灾难。即使是记者teamliked.即使teammade calls to Comcast about the NBC family of networks'算法中的位置。.Theteamgave him his answers and he'd worked until it was natural and then Sheryl had called in the car to the studio.She changed one word.我真的认为这是一个很重要的细微差别。Mark.不知怎的,她的新副词拆散了他脑子里的段落逻辑。He half forgot it all.在电视上,他突然尖叫了一会儿,眼下是一片空隙,一言不发。他知道自己看起来就像一个外星人在拉杠杆,驾驶着一个奇怪的蜡制机器人侏儒。吸食记者回过头来,眼睛像水头威马拉纳。她看起来并不完全放心,不必再操马特·劳厄尔了。他把它吹灭了。公关team现在就在这里。在会议室里。View of the open workspace he sat in for pictures and the news was a disaster.这是他们用糖衣涂抹的。Jesus Christ,I built something that lets you talk to everyone you love.Anywhere,anytime,forfreeand他们讨厌我。.giveyou the data,and you use it for something they might like.Theyhate me for it..

她把他送到了这个国家的每一个州。Sheryl.Big bristly truck drivers with stubble that rasped you when you hugged them for the camera.Women's fat baby arms straining at old bra straps the color of cigarette smoke on a ceiling.人们都准备好了。team..Told to not talk to the press by theteam..签署文件。When he walked in smiling sayingfolkshe could see they were shocked by his smallness.看他的头皮顶端秃头点告诉他们的朋友。A year shaking church potluck hands swollen up like they'd been stuck in a beehive.Junkies and ex convicts and churches.He喜欢它.没想到会这样。He could never get away from theteam..除了一次。威斯康星乳牛场上的一片暮色。她大概十八岁,看小牛,and he cleared his throat and she said how big are you.When he told her she said: I do gymnastics and the little guys are stronger.她的头发像玉米丝。她的皮肤使他的手臂毛发竖立起来。They had fifteen minutes together.其他人都说他是钱。She talked like he was a person.She was a Future Farmer of America..

The stock was tanking.The phone was ringing.纽约时报说特朗普总统是他的错。我需要一些空气,he said.他大声地走出来,挥舞着它们,一个晕头转向的服务员给了他一辆山地车。.

哈雷推销员大吃一惊,他是真的。I'm five foot seven,he said.你们有适合我尺寸的人吗?他们做到了,他们为他做了一个。He had one credit card.Some special kind you could buy a battleship with.你能为我扔一大笔钱吗?当售货员给银行打电话时,银行打电话来了。It was the first time the card had been used..

He cried a little kissing the babies goodbye.Trying to explain to the nanny who spoke only Cantonese that this was important.他可以打断language immersion.保姆看着,不理解的像粉虫一样的脸。Priscilla hired the background cast ofThe Dark Crystal为了房子。我爱你,他告诉他们。我爱你胜过一切。我保证我会回来找你。.

Mark climbed through the Mojave where the rain brought tiny white flowers like stars.When he crossed the state line he stopped to take off his helmet.Nothing ever felt as good as that wind.Wisconsin was 1800 miles..

11 Responses to"马克“"

  1. Anonymous 3月23日,2018 at 2:12 am #

    该死的野蛮人I wish I could write like that,truly..

  2. dickycone 3月23日,2018点在上午5点57分 #


    • Anonymous 3月31日,2018点在上午11点14分 #

      I agree that you suck at writing..

      • dickycone 3月31日,2018点:下午7点27分 #


  3. Anonymous 3月27日,2018点在凌晨1点37分 #

    Don't understand this one.喜欢写作风格,只是觉得我缺少上下文。谁是马克??

  4. J.A.f.O.. 3月27日,2018点:下午11点40分 #

    Zuckerberg causing the apocalypse would make fine sense..

  5. 亮星 3月29日,2018 at 4:26 pm #

    也许是他性格的一部分。But completely ignores the consequential part.His (((satanic))) nation-wrecking identity.Don't make excuses for his actions;不要犯魔鬼的人格化。.

    • K孔 4月9日,2018 at 12:26 pm #

      哈哈哈哈。这篇文章很精彩,但我还不相信朱克有灵魂。Those eyes,人。.


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